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Buffalo Tax Service, LLC is well versed in all aspects of tax preparation. Whether you have a simple “Long Form” (Mortgage Int., Real Estate Taxes, Job and/or Retirement Income, Etc…) or if you have a more complex return (S Corp, Partnership, Rental, Self Employed, Stock Options, Capital Gains & Losses, etc…), we will prepare it quickly and accurately.

Christopher Pasinski, Owner & Tax Preparer

Buffalo Tax Service, LLC was founded by Christopher Pasinski to serve people in and around the Western New York Area. Earning his degree at The University at Buffalo, along with his experience in studying taxes from a very young age in his families’ business, made him well prepared to understand the ever-changing tax code.

Christopher’s 20+ years of experience has ensured his clients receive accurate returns and excellent support for any tax matters that may arise for them. His original focus, and the bulk of his initial clientele, was related to the transportation industry (specifically Railroad Conductors, Engineers, & Truck Drivers). Since this is a highly specialized area of the tax code, he learned how to dig through the IRS publications and Internal Revenue Code to find the best deductions and methods for his clients to ensure they always get the best possible result. Although Christopher’s expertise started with Tax Laws related to the transportation industry, his knowledge extends to every corner of the Tax Code making him well qualified for every type of tax.

Melanie Pasinski, Tax Preparer & Communications Manager

Melanie earned her degree at The University at Buffalo and has 15+ years experience in writing and preparing taxes. She has a thorough knowledge of the tax code, including extensive experience in Schedule D sales and exchanges of capital assets. She often works with Christopher in handling and researching more comprehensive taxes. In addition, Melanie manages a large share of the communication workload between Buffalo Tax Service and its clients.

Christina Duong, IT Manager

Christina maintains all IT aspects of Buffalo Tax Service. Her responsibilities include setting up and maintaining all workstations, configuring and updating all software, developing and maintaining local networks, organizing and scheduling upgrades and maintenance, and troubleshooting to diagnose and resolve any issues. She earned her Associates degree in Applied Science at Chemeketa College in Oregon, followed by her Bachelor of Science degree in Information Technology and Business/Systems Analysis at the Oregon Institute of Technology.

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